Signing Service
  Signing Service Package 

Tap the full potential of the internet and NotarySoftware.com. Manage all aspects of your business from any computer with internet access.

Customers will login to your website and simply fill in the borrowers info and signing date and time, all other information auto fills. Select the new order, choose a notary from the list automatically generated based on distance from the borrowers address.

Spend your valuable time on growing your business not on managing it.


· Nationwide notary database with auto search using borrowers zip code

· Assign a notary and send confirmations to the customer and notary in seconds

· See all details for the assignment at a glance in list or calendar view

· Automatic billing and notary payment.


· Personalized and Customizable web site with online order entry

· Customers are given a username and password to login to your site

· Receive notification on your cell phone or mobile e-mail device when orders are placed

· NEW automated reply from your cell phone to the customer

· Track the status of every order, from New to Closed

· Create instant invoices and track your accounts payable

· Nationwide notary database

· Save details on the notaries you use the most

· Instantly generate invoices, past due notices and notary pay slips

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